"As an exploration geologist with almost 25 years of experience in over 50 countries, including the role of Exploration Manager for Ivanhoe Mines Mongolia, I have fair idea as to how the industry works and what makes for a good project. But mineral exploration is a difficult game and anything that improves the odds should be taken. Brent only focuses on the best deposits and companies - so a read of his weekly newsletter provides me with a snapshot of the really important developments within the sector. His vast experience and unique insight continually reminds me of the fundamental issues and helps refocus my thought process as I review projects for clients worldwide. I highly recommend the EI newsletter to anyone who invests in the Junior Exploration Sector."

Subscriber C.W.
"I wanted to thank you for the time you took to respond to my emails and answer my questions. . .Your attention to your customers (me in this case) goes a long way with me and will most likely keep me as a loyal subscriber of yours. In a world where greed reigns and customer care is as defunct as the dinosaurs you have just stood apart from the rest."

Subscriber R. S.
United States

"I want to thank you for an amazing newsletter. I have personally done very well by your recommendations Brent. Your letter and honesty IMO, when compared to others, is by far the best.

I am planning to return to school this year and my budget is being pared down. However the financial gains I have made from EI recommendations has enabled me to return to school. A bit ironic I am cancelling the newsletter that enabled me to quit a high-paying job and return to school full-time.

At any rate- I do plan to re-subscribe. I just do not know when.

All the best and thanks again for a top-rate newsletter."

Subscriber M. M.
"Good call on Rubicon Brent you saved me some money.
My broker recommended the stock around 3 weeks ago and against my better judgement I thought I might buy some as a trade. (I had never liked the story.)  After reading your report I pulled my trade and fortunately for me did not own it. "

Subscriber P. M.
"I am so impressed with your customer service compared to any other financial newsletters that we have subscribed to. Keep up the good work."

Subscriber C.C.
"Brent and Joe I've been a subscriber for about a year and as a retired exploration geologist look forward every Sunday morning to my weekly infusion of integrity, quality information and results analysis. Your thesis rings true with me and I very much appreciate what you are doing. The cost of your letter is very reasonable when one considers the cost of collecting the information and putting it together. My guess is that any serious investor will pay the price and the freeloaders or cheats are not all that significant in the big picture, more like noise in a geophysical survey. Keep up the excellent work you guys. You don't really have much competition in your niche."

Subscriber J.C.
"Hi Brent and Joe - I first heard about EI when Brent interviewed on Turd's website [TF Metals Report] a couple times. From those interviews I heard about [three interesting companies]. After doing research I bought stock in all 3. I sold [one] for a greater than 200% gain, still own [another one] with about a 200%+ gain, and [a third one] is up maybe 20%. And...after hearing Brent's interview on Sprott Money with Turd last month, I became a subscriber for all the right reasons."

Subscriber R.J.S., July 2016
"Brent and Joe, I would like to compliment you on what is probably the most scientifically sound and pragmatic news-letter."

Subscriber P.H.
At the risk of sounding patronizing, this week's EI is the best issue of a junior mining newsletter ever published, in my opinion--which, as you know, is the only opinion I care about!

Rick Rule, in reference to our August 1, 2016 issue
"Thanks for the Orezone analysis. It was a great read. Your newsletter is certainly in a league of its own."

Subscriber L.S., August 2016