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    "Junior miners are nearly all where my personal investment is put to. Exploration Insights provide THE most insightful views and analysis to the sector. I’ve enjoyed the Issues, Comments and Alerts big time, and have tremendous respect to Brent and Joe for their hard work, integrity and in-depth knowledge and experience of this sector. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to follow the sector as closely as I used to due to other engagements. I hope I’ll be back to Exploration Insights soon. Good luck to all of you and the fellow subscribers!" Subscriber D.B., November 2018

    "Brent is the best in the business. The investing public may not know it but his colleagues in the industry do. He is the most feared and respected analyst in the business and his newsletter is worth it." 

    YouTube viewer comment

    “My background is in owning and managing forest and farmland.  A few years ago decided to add a third leg to stuff growing on the land with stuff in the ground.  I quickly learned that exploring and developing mineral deposits was way more risky and complicated.  It’s part rocket science, part roulette, and part hot air claims.  It was an easy and necessary decision to use the services of Brent who has the specialized geological knowledge to help sort out where the real opportunities might be.  Keep up the great professional work.” 

    Subscriber J. M.
    United States

    "Enjoyed the latest newsletter a great deal, especially the quip about the solitude app. For what it is worth, due much to the education I've received through subscribing to EI I've not just made money through your advice but have ingrained the lessons on selectivity in order to make better decisions. Case in point, last Thursday I saw the results come out on Colorado Resources and was able to pick it up early in the day." 

    Subscriber B. D.
    United States

    "As an exploration geologist with almost 25 years of experience in over 50 countries, including the role of Exploration Manager for Ivanhoe Mines Mongolia, I have fair idea as to how the industry works and what makes for a good project. But mineral exploration is a difficult game and anything that improves the odds should be taken. Brent only focuses on the best deposits and companies - so a read of his weekly newsletter provides me with a snapshot of the really important developments within the sector. His vast experience and unique insight continually reminds me of the fundamental issues and helps refocus my thought process as I review projects for clients worldwide. I highly recommend the EI newsletter to anyone who invests in the Junior Exploration Sector." 

    Subscriber C.W.

    "I wanted to thank you for the time you took to respond to my emails and answer my questions. . .Your attention to your customers (me in this case) goes a long way with me and will most likely keep me as a loyal subscriber of yours. In a world where greed reigns and customer care is as defunct as the dinosaurs you have just stood apart from the rest." 

    Subscriber R. S.
    United States

    "I want to thank you for an amazing newsletter. I have personally done very well by your recommendations Brent. Your letter and honesty IMO, when compared to others, is by far the best.

    I am planning to return to school this year and my budget is being pared down. However the financial gains I have made from EI recommendations has enabled me to return to school. A bit ironic I am cancelling the newsletter that enabled me to quit a high-paying job and return to school full-time.

    At any rate- I do plan to re-subscribe. I just do not know when.

    All the best and thanks again for a top-rate newsletter."

    Subscriber M. M.

    "Good call on Rubicon Brent you saved me some money.

    My broker recommended the stock around 3 weeks ago and against my better judgement I thought I might buy some as a trade. (I had never liked the story.) After reading your report I pulled my trade and fortunately for me did not own it. "

    Subscriber P. M.

    "I am so impressed with your customer service compared to any other financial newsletters that we have subscribed to. Keep up the good work." 

    Subscriber C.C.

    "Brent and Joe I've been a subscriber for about a year and as a retired exploration geologist look forward every Sunday morning to my weekly infusion of integrity, quality information and results analysis. Your thesis rings true with me and I very much appreciate what you are doing. The cost of your letter is very reasonable when one considers the cost of collecting the information and putting it together. My guess is that any serious investor will pay the price and the freeloaders or cheats are not all that significant in the big picture, more like noise in a geophysical survey. Keep up the excellent work you guys. You don't really have much competition in your niche." 

    Subscriber J.C.

    "Hi Brent and Joe - I first heard about EI when Brent interviewed on Turd's website [TF Metals Report] a couple times. From those interviews I heard about [three interesting companies]. After doing research I bought stock in all 3. I sold [one] for a greater than 200% gain, still own [another one] with about a 200%+ gain, and [a third one] is up maybe 20%. And...after hearing Brent's interview on Sprott Money with Turd last month, I became a subscriber for all the right reasons." 

    Subscriber R.J.S., July 2016

    "Brent and Joe, I would like to compliment you on what is probably the most scientifically sound and pragmatic news-letter." 

    Subscriber P.H.

    At the risk of sounding patronizing, this week's EI is the best issue of a junior mining newsletter ever published, in my opinion--which, as you know, is the only opinion I care about!

    Rick Rule, in reference to our August 1, 2016 issue

    "Thanks for the Orezone analysis. It was a great read. Your newsletter is certainly in a league of its own."

    Subscriber L.S., August 2016

    "Thank you Joe and Brent for facilitating brief discussions about other than portfolio companies, etc. while we wait for news events and time to play out in the core holdings...really adds yet another great dimension to the service. Much appreciated."

    Subscriber R.K., January 2017
    United States

    "Awesome rant. You are following and presenting companies in a way that gives readers great ideas and much better understanding!!" 

    Subscriber J.P.

    "Brent, It’s amazing how you can take a long winded subject/science, and make it very palatable, in short order." 

    Subscriber B.C.
    United States

    "Brent, This is an excellent review.  I normally do a lot of my own research and that way take responsibility for the results however there is so much new paper out there now that I have been overwhelmed with all the new 'stories' since 2005.  It is safe to say that I would not have had such a leg up on these stories without your reporting."

    Subscriber G. H.

    "For this old ‘wannabe-geologist’, I find your issues of Exploration Insights to be fascinating, and they make me ‘wannabe’ even more. Well written, concise, understandable, and interesting. Thanks for a great issue!"

    John Pugsley
    The Stealth Investor

    "You've done more than make people money, you've helped save at least one family from financial strife and may even be opening up some opportunities for me to call the shots on my future ...   all very good .... thanks again!!!" 

    Subscriber M.V.

    “I have known Brent Cook since 1997 when we both worked for Rick Rule's Global Resource Investments. I was a stockbroker and Brent was our analyst. One of the most valuable things I had ever done was to sit in Brent's office for hours while he explained the process of mineral exploration and analyzed exploration projects. Over the years Brent made numerous very good calls and helped me to help my clients make money by speculating on the correct companies at the right time. Brent also saved me, and my clients, precious capital by keeping us out of the wrong companies. Ever since we met, Brent and I have been working close together and we continue our investment collaboration to this day.  I can attribute many instances when listening to Brent's advice and analysis have both made, and saved, me a fortune. Brent has always been my primary source of information and intelligence with respect to mineral exploration investments and that has not changed. I read his newsletter every week -- it is my primary source of mineral exploration investment ideas and research.” 

    Paul van Eeden

    "Brent, I watched BNN last night and I just wanted you to know that out of most guests on Market Call you are the only one who calls things as they are, good or bad, and the only one with a practical knowledge in geology. Most of the other guests never talk against a company, are most of the time paid to promote stocks, and do not know a lot about geology, so they cannot make the difference between a big and a small system." 

    Subscriber Y. P.

    "I'll never understand why more people don't appreciate your judgement, then again i suppose it's to my benefit for you to remain a secret, ha. Instead they read all sorts of shit and are swayed continuously by headlines instead of looking at the big picture or seeking out individuals they have determined have good judgement/appropriate experience."

    Subscriber S.T.
    United States

    "I really enjoy and appreciate your work guys, you have been very helpful to me. In fact, I am so happy with the service that I promise to continue to subscribe even after you help me become independently wealthy and don't need to invest anymore LOL." 

    Subscriber P. S.

    "Thanks again for your excellent perspective on the junior mining sector.  You should know I look forward to your letter each weekend so much that I find myself constantly checking my iPhone for your notification email no matter where I happen to be!" 

    Subscribers G & S

    "I have been taking Paul’s service since about 2004 with great results, and of course continued with your Newsletter when you started it.  I have a very high respect for you and Paul and why shouldn’t I?  In December 2007, I was up 465% and over 2 and a half million dollars and despite the SUBPRIME MORTGAGES and CREDIT CRUNCH.  In 2007, I paid cash for a late model Bellanca single engine plane, a new roof for my house (thanks to ARU), and a new Lexus for my wife, and bought down a refinanced mortgage.  I am not bragging, but wanted you to know how your system can work for someone who has no previous knowledge of the markets." 

    Subscriber G.E.
    United States

    "I recently subsribed to Exploration Insights, and am glad that I have done so. The interview I saw on BNN convinced me that the information I can get from your insight into the mining industry is money well spent on my behalf." 

    Subscriber K.K.

    "As usual, I think you hit it just right.  I can see why the drilling to date is worrisome as it looks like the long intercepts are following the trend of an intersection of a favourable host and a mineralizing structure."

    Subscriber D.C.

    "I have known Brent for about ten years.  We first met on a property visit in Chile where I watched him go through a very methodical property evaluation.  I was impressed with both his knowledge and level of integrity. Since that time I have had him on my radio program numerous times because of the value his commentary gives my listeners.  He has also appeared on numerous panels which I have moderated at various investment conferences throughout North America and he provides great value there.  Brent is someone worth listening to." 

    Al Korelin
    Korelin Economics Report

    "I read it every weekend." 

    Bill Fleckenstein

    "I've been a subscriber for a few months and just want to tell you how much I value and appreciate your newsletter.  I have subscribed to dozens of well-known newsletters since 2003, but I must say that your letter tops them all.  You don't inundate us with dozens of stocks, which dilutes portfolios and profits, and frankly, confuses me.  I'd rather invest in a handful of highly prospective properties.  So many thanks for your grounded, cautious yet profitable approach.  You have a lot of integrity, and I'm appreciative that I found you." 

    Subscriber S.A.
    United States

    "Excellent letter guys, thanks! I think it's one of the best letters ever in newsletter history." 

    Paul van Eeden

    "Just want to say I enjoy your rants, great sense of humour, lucid, joy to read, think your analysis is great, like the variety and depth of topics.  Can never link it, e.g. geology and metallurgy, enough to economics.  Wouldn’t mind, if possible, more reviews of stocks you looked at and passed on. But overall, 5 stars." 

    Subscriber V. C.

    "Hello. I'm retiring. I want to stop my subscription. I will say I made very good money and truly trust Brent. I wish everyone could have his services. I am going fishing and won't be investing anymore. I'm spending my savings now so please cancel my subscription. Thanks." 

    Former Subscriber T.R.
    United States

    "Brent I would like to thank you for your newsletter.  It is the first clear voice I have been able to find in the industry." 

    Subscriber H. S.
    United States

    "Once again I would like to thank you for your comments and insights as a geologist.  Based on your newsletter, it really makes me wonder how other newsletter writers without a geology degree are able to make proper evaluations and recommendations.  Your newsletter is top notch and I really appreciate the time and effort you make in visiting so many properties to make proper assessments and sharing your rationale to invest or not to invest in those junior companies." 

    Subscriber M.W.

    “Minerals exploration is a game of long odds and Brent Cook never lets his readers forget that.  After years of visiting mining projects with Brent, and liberally picking his brain when not in the field, I have gained the utmost respect for Brent’s views on rocks.  Market psychology, promotion, capital structure, people, and many other factors dictate whether a stock will rise or fall, but in the final analysis, the rocks always prevail.  Brent Cook knows rocks.” 

    Robert Bishop
    Editor, Gold Mining Stock Report (1983-2007)

    ”Serious mineral exploration speculators should “employ” Brent Cook.  I’m supposed to be smart, and I paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars when he worked for me; you can get him for $140 per month! I got good value- imagine your potential returns. Brent is a no nonsense “boots on the ground” geo, not one of the “desk explorers” who cost the investment community so many millions. He can make you serious money with his buy recommendations, and save you much more, by counseling you on what to avoid.  Most newsletters are written by journalists, if they researched publishing investments, maybe they would be credible.  Brent is an exploration geologist, writing about exploration geology, what a wonderful, novel idea.  Do your portfolio a favor, subscribe!” 

    Rick Rule
    Global Resource Investments, Founder

    "I thought Sunday's newsletter was really good. The discussion of the difficulties in exploring for Carlin deposits (with investment ramifications) is the type of thing you do better than anybody else." 

    Subscriber J. J.
    United States

    "Great issue, one of the best mining investment letter issues I have EVER read." 

    Rick Rule
    Global Resource Investments, Sprott Global

    "Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I really appreciate your candor in discussing these markets, your willingness to explain things in layman's terms and, yes, your sense-of-humor. I was a charter subscriber to Paul van Eeden's newsletter so have been reading you since the beginning, and I can honestly say I've enjoyed every issue. Please keep up the good work". 

    Subscriber S. M.
    United States

    "Brent is remarkable; his newsletters are well written, interesting, informed, informative and educational. He encourages the reader to become better informed and able to make informed decisions. The Portfolio is well chosen, I make money and I am well pleased." 

    Subscriber J.M.

    "This is the kind thing that makes this letter so valuable: education; entertainment; science; Not 'just about making money'. And it has paid its own way in terms of economic gain vs. subscription cost.
    Thanks !!!" 

    Subscriber K.B.
    United States

    "I watched your presentation (video and Q&A) at the recent Kitco E-conference. I thought the video of your site visit was excellent. It was really instructive for me to visualise the remoteness of locations where exploration activity usually takes place, and even more-so to see how you as a geologist go about trying to build a picture of how an area is mineralised and whether an economic deposit may be present. It makes me value my subscription to your newsletter all the more! Investing/speculation in this sector is risky. Doing so without the guidance of an honest and competent geologist such as yourself is crazy IMO. So genuinely, sincere thanks for the excellent letter you write." 

    Subscriber D. S.

    "I have been a subscriber for almost 2 years. I believe Brent is one of the most, if not the most honest newsletter writers covering the junior exploration sector. EI is one of the few places to get non-biased and fair coverage of these risky plays. Combined with Brent's experience and knowledge, I can't think of a comparable newsletter." 

    Subscriber M. M.

    "Thanks so much for your level-headed assessment, very hard work visiting these properties and vast geological knowledge with the ability to put it all together." 

    Subscriber G. C.
    United States

    "The best geology based gold stocks subscription newsletter by a mile. The top industry pros all read Brent Cook. It's not cheap but it's worth every penny. I learn more from Brent than anyone else." 

    M. T.

    "There's nothing quite like Exploration Insights - look forward to reading every new issue that comes out. As an engineer with a strong business interest, I appreciate how Brent blends in science, engineering, business and politics to help us subscribers understand why a particular deposit has a chance of becoming an economic deposit. I've subscribed to other newsletters and feel that Brent does the best job of giving us the ability to make an informed decision. I also thoroughly enjoyed geology in high school but have never had the time to build on that - the confluence of managing my investments more closely and believing that commodities and metals are a part of wisely managing our savings that led me to this newsletter. Keep up the good work." 

    Subscriber M. B.
    United States

    "I have found that this, and other recent issues of Exploration Insights have been extremely valuable in helping me understand some of the hugely different valuations of different ore deposits. Very few brokers or newsletter writers seem to have much of a clue as to the economics of ore deposits, and as an investor I have in the past been prey to their enthusiastic promotions. You're helping me to wise-up!"  

    Subscriber M. L.

    "First let me say how much I admire your work and appreciate your newsletter.  It is great to have such a knowledgeable ally help navigate these treacherous markets.  I think a major strength of your approach (especially now) is your rigorous standards and selectivity.  Keep up the great (not good) work." 

    Subscriber R.K.
    United States

    I thought that I'd write to you [Joe] and Brent and say thanks a lot - I bought some Mariana resources when I took out my subscription with EI a month or so ago. I have more than paid for my subscription and then some...Thanks for the great research. 

    Subscriber N.Z., April 2017

    "I have listened to the interviews given by Joe since he joined Exploration Insights. He is fantastic and articulates very well and addresses the most important and relevant issues. Most Mining companies call it an ‘accretive acquisition’ even when they acquire a dud. But this truly is an ‘accretive acquisition’. After all, how many companies you can analyse, visit and do the DD. There is a limit to the human potential. Definitely, you needed help and with him there is no learning curve. He will sprint from day 1." 


    "Very happy with what I see in your service. Thanks. I think that I used to subscribe to you guys back in the early 2000s when I started investing in junior miners. Being older, I can't afford any mistakes this round. Happy to pay for your service. Cheap insurance when you look at the dollars that I have invested in this space. Complementary to other services that I am taking that use other methods when they analyze mining companies. I like the fact that you guys are field savvy." 

    Subscriber M.P.G.
    United States

    "Brent and Joe, Great dissection of the Cardinal announcement! As a layman I was unable to make much meaning out of their report. I appreciate your keen professionalism and ability to cut through the obfuscation to find and present the harsh reality of what low grade and complex metallurgy can do to the economics of an ore resource. Much appreciated, thank you!" 

    Subscriber M. L., November 2016

    "I can't think of any better newsletter in the gold exploration space than yours. It's an incredible body of work...thanks again!" 

    Subscriber S. B.
    United States

    “I always read Brent’s letter as soon as it arrives. Not only is he clearly knowledgeable about the economics of geology, but he has a broader appreciation of market factors, including geopolitics and sentiment.  This makes his conclusions all the more compelling.  Much, much more than a stock recommendation service, Brent is educational and erudite, writing in an interesting (and frequently amusing) manner.  I wouldn’t miss it.” 

    Adrian Day
    Adrian Day Asset Management

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